About: the Virtual Rehabilitation Clinic

Welcome to the Virtual Rehabilitation Clinic, an innovative digital solution designed to revolutionize the delivery of rehabilitation services. Our platform seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with comprehensive healthcare services, empowering practitioners to provide accessible, flexible, and effective rehabilitation options to their patients. Our mission is to create a user-friendly environment where practitioners can easily explore and order third-party digital interventions, enhance patient care, and streamline treatment processes. Additionally, patients can receive personalized care and monitor their progress conveniently from home.

Important Notice: This platform is a Proof of Concept for the Virtual Rehabilitation Clinic and not the final version. The products offered on this page are primarily demo products. No rights can be derived from the information on freena.nl. Use of this platform is entirely at your own risk, and users are responsible for the data and information they input. We strongly advise against entering any privacy-sensitive (healthcare) information on this demo platform.

Rehabilitation: A Crucial Role in Health Systems

Rehabilitation plays a vital role in improving the health and well-being of the population, as well as enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of health systems. As the population ages, the demand for rehabilitation services increases, while the availability of healthcare staff is insufficient. Currently, access to rehabilitation varies widely both between and within countries. Technology offers the potential to provide efficient and accessible rehabilitation care regardless of a patient’s location.

Scale-Up4Rehab: Taking Rehabilitation to the Next Level

To ensure equal access to rehabilitation care and enhance the resilience of health systems, our project aims to make significant strides in the digitalization of the rehabilitation sector. Scale-Up4Rehab will be the first to build an open NWE virtual rehabilitation clinic, scaling up existing virtual rehabilitation therapies. Eight regional pilots (in NL, DE, IR, and LU) will showcase how rehabilitation professionals in various healthcare settings can integrate virtual rehabilitation into their daily practice. These pilots will reach a minimum of 280 patients, demonstrating the effectiveness of at-home rehabilitation.

Main Outputs

  • An operational open virtual rehabilitation clinic with a minimum of 12 virtual rehabilitation interventions.
  • Eight completed pilots where rehabilitation practitioners have integrated virtual rehabilitation interventions into daily practice, reaching at least 280 patients.
  • A comprehensive capacity-building package for patients, healthcare practitioners, and enterprises.

Our Goal

Our goal is to stimulate the creation of VR-based rehabilitation tools by bringing together relevant stakeholders and fostering knowledge exchange. We focus on enabling the co-creation of VR-based rehabilitation tools that offer numerous advantages for patients and therapists. VR-based therapy not only makes the process more enjoyable, thereby increasing patient engagement, but it is also easy to monitor and adjust to individual needs. Additionally, it reduces pain, is cost-effective, and can be conducted in the comfort of the patients’ homes.

Experience the future of rehabilitation with the Virtual Rehabilitation Clinic, where technology meets comprehensive care to enhance recovery and improve lives.

Funding: Scale-Up4Rehab has obtained a grant of €6.5 million from Interreg North West Europe.

More information about SCALEUP4REHAB and its underlying projects visit the following websites: